Find Financial Peace in 2015

Find Financial Peace in 2015!

Money is an important part of everyday life. How we manage our money can either make us overwhelmed and fearful or bring us joy and hope.  Disagreements about money can plague relationships. A shared vision about money can bring contentment and deep intimacy to a relationship. Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey is a 9 week course that teaches basic principles of money management that can change your life by changing how you manage your money. The course covers topics such as saving, budgeting, insurance, wills, investing, retirement, and giving. Register now for our Financial Peace class which will be held on Thursday evenings from 7-8:30pm beginning January 8. The cost for the class is $95. Register by calling or emailing the church office (826-5796, [email protected]) before December 31. Everyone who ever worries about money can benefit from this class. Furthermore, this class is truly life changing for young people. Consider sponsoring someone you care about to attend.

Financial Peace

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