A Sacrament of Lent

A Sacramental Lent

The observance of Lent is our opportunity to prepare our hearts for the good news of Easter. During Lent, we often make sacrifices to help us to experience in a small way the great sacrifice Christ made for us on the cross. Participating in spiritual disciplines (such as prayer, fasting, scripture reading, and sacrament) in an intentional way is another way to grow closer to God in this special time. As a congregation, we will be celebrating Holy Communion more frequently in worship throughout Lent. Hopefully this will be a meaningful addition to your personal observance of Lent. We will also take the opportunity to reflect together on the meaning and theology behind the practice of Holy Communion on Wednesday evenings at 5pm and 7pm. You are invited to bring your questions, share your experiences, and learn from others. Sometimes what we experience informs what we know. Sometimes what we know can deepen our experience of what we do. I encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to both learn about and practice your faith by attending worship regularly in Lent and participating on Wednesday evenings.

Peace, Pastor Melissa

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