Church Council

The Church Council is responsible for developing the annual church plan, approving the budget and dealing with any issues that may arise concerning these.  It acts as a resolving body of Rincon UMC, dealing with issues that may arise in the operation, administration, and program of the church.

The meetings are open to all interested parties.  Members can contact the Church Council Chair, Mr. Michael Rowland, concerning agenda items.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the supervision, oversight and care of all real property owned by the church.

The meetings are open to all interested parties.  Members can contact the Trustee Chair, Mr. Bob Cannon, concerning agenda items.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for developing a yearly church budget, a church-wide stewardship education program, and developing and implementing plans that will raise sufficient income to meet the budget adopted each year.

The meeting are open to all interested parties.  Members can contact the Finance Chair, Mr. Jay Neurath, Jr., concerning agenda items and fundraiser requests.


Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee

The SPPR confers and councils with the pastor and staff in making an effective ministry and on matters pertaining to their relationship with the Rincon UMC congregation.

General meeting are open to all interested parties.  Some meeting may be closed to committee members only.  Members can contact the Staff/Pastor Parish Chair, Mr. Jeff Helmly, concerning agenda items.


Committee on Lay Leadership (Nominations)

The Committee on Lay Leadership is responsible, under the chairmanship of the Pastor, Rev. Michael Finn, for nominating such officers and members of the Church Council and committees as the law of the church requires.


The Ministry Planning Team

In simplest terms, the Ministry Planning Team plans the ministry of the church.  It is where new ideas are born, plans for ministry take shape, and decisions are finalized. The MPT also helps our many groups coordinate ministries so that we can support one another and make all of our ministry initiatives more successful.  If your group is planning activities or you have an idea, we need your input.

Everyone is welcome to give their input.  You do not have to have an “official” position or responsibility to attend and contribute. Attendance is expected of ministry area chairpersons and others who plan and coordinate various ministries.